Saturday, April 24, 2010

PPC Compared To PPA

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What is actually The Difference?

Generally there are dozens of Pay Per Action Programs and Pay Per Click Publisher Networks in which you can sign up for totally free to be able to earn commissions for selling products and services.

The subject of this article is to discuss the differences with Pay Per Action Publisher Programs and Pay Per Click Publisher Networks.

Okay, now let me explain to you exactly what a Pay Per Action Publisher Program is all about. LinkShare and Commission Junction are two Pay Per Action (also considered as performance-paid marketing). After registering to these two programs you'll become a Publisher (affiliate). Being a Publisher gives you the opportunity to easily sell products or services by marketing and advertising them with the material of your websites to generate a commission with advertisers (merchants). You will generate commission whether for introducing new clients to a business, producing sales or even whenever clients complete forms. All merchants let you generate income commission differently.

On occasions I do embed merchant products on to some of my webpages. The reason why I use merchants with Pay Per Action Publisher Programs in some instances is because the merchants ads most of the time have an expiration date. You might be thinking to yourself what's the big deal about ads expiring. The big deal is when you start to insert merchant products and services all over your many numerous webpages, in the future you probably will need to replace each and every ad that expires. This means that you will have to take down the old ad to change it with a up-to-date advertising campaign which again usually has got an expiration date. I have yet to use a merchants product or service which does not have an expiration date. Also a merchant may remove their affiliation with a Pay Per Action Publisher Program which means they are no longer doing business with the Pay Per Action Publisher Program and this means you will have to take down the merchants ad because you will no longer have the opportunity to earn commission from the merchant. This has only happened to me a couple of times then again it does happen.

If you consider using Pay Per Action Publisher Programs there is a plus to using them if you don't mind changing merchants advertising campaigns whenever they expire. When I sign into my LinkShare account I position my cursor over the Programs Tab and then click on My Accounts. Within your My Accounts Section you can look at your Approved, Pending, Stopped and All. This will help you manage and keep tabs on all of the advertisements you work with on your websites via the LinkShare Pay Per Action Publisher Program.
Any time you decide to use Commission Junction Pay Per Click Publisher Program there too you can easily maintain tabs on your ads. Any time you sign into your Commission Junction Account you are instantly brought to your Home Section. As of now on the right hand side toward the bottom you can view a section called Today's Tasks. Today's Tasks inform you about Pending Offers, Pending Applications, Programs Terms Set To Expire, Programs Terms Set To Be Replaced and Review Transactions.

Pay Per Click Publisher Networks

Next let me discuss Pay Per Click Publisher Networks.

If your a member of Hubpages you probably already understand the basic concept of Pay Per Click Publisher Networks because most of you Hubbers earn revenue with the Adsense Pay Per Click Publisher Network Program and the Kontera In-Text Advertising Publisher Program.

I choose to use Pay Per Click Publisher Networks because I don't need to manually replace Advertisers Advertisements. I don't want to create extra work for the future.

In addition to using Hubpages in order to earn Adsense and Kontera income I create free websites, embed the Adsense and Kontera JavaScript Codes manually within my websites HTML to show Pay Per Click Publisher Ads on my websites. When I embed the Adsense and Kontera JavaScritp Codes in to my websites HTML I will not have to worry about Advertisers Ads expiring. The Pay Per Click Publisher Networks you belong to do the work for you. These companies are responsible for changing the Advertisers Ads and because they are responsible updating the Advertisers Ads you will never ever have to worry about expiring ads or the responsibilities associated with changing JavaScript Codes.

There is less work to be had when you use Pay Per Click Publisher Networks. Your goal is to try to create/write ageless websites/blogs. You want to write about topics/subjects that may never end up outdated. I realize many people create articles/hubs about current events to increase their revenue but if your someone like me who attempts to develop websites about timeless subjects (or topics/subjects which will be around for years to come) working with Pay Per Click Publisher Networks do not require you to update the JavaScript Codes. Once the work is done it's done. You only update your website when and if you feel it's needed. You never have to do extra work in the future. You never have to be concerned about expiring ads.
I focus my creative efforts to timeless works. I do this mainly because I expect all of my creative works to generate revenue for years to come.